Building a unique identity and approach for every Isabella’s Group restaurant.

We started with the visual identity of Isabella’s restaurant, and from then on we have been able to work on the corporate identity of all the restaurants of Isabella’s Group—from the strategy, creation of Naming, visual and verbal identity to the content plan for social networks and E- Mail marketing. We have worked each identity with a unique approach and Storytelling inspired by its gastronomic proposal and brand personality.


We generate a logo that captures the elegance and freshness of the group, as well as its family spirit, together with an imagotype.

Building identities for Isabella’s Group restaurants.


The first restaurant of Grupo Isabella’s. Result of Isabella’s passion for Italian cuisine. It needed a sober, intimate and warm identity.


Bella’s was born with an Italian gastronomic proposal with a fresher point than its predecessor. The identity is younger and more casual.

Building identities for Isabella’s Group restaurants.


The most adult restaurant of Isabella’s Group needed a classic and elegant identity.


The first and only proposal of the Grupo based in the centre of Oporto, Portugal. Its identity is young and fresh.

Building identities for Isabella’s Group restaurants.


It is the most risky and surreal proposal of the Group, full of color, patterns and dreamlike illustrations made by Sophia Pega.


Located in front of Barceloneta, Julieta’s is the most summery proposal, with a fresher and more informal identity.

Building identities for Isabella’s Group restaurants.


Carmina is committed to Italian and market cuisine, with a more traditional and forceful identity.


Due to its location away from the hustle and bustle of Barcelona and its proximity to the sea, Anita’s is a restaurant inspired by the world of 1980s vacations.


It is the first proposal of Grupo Isabella in Madrid, with a menu full of Isabella’s classics. I needed an identity as intimate as Isabella’s but with its own stamp.